About Me

Linux user since 2000 (Mandrake --> Mandriva), and ubuntu user since June 2007. I joined the ubuntu-tn in the same month as normal member and I become the team owner and administrator in April 2008. I'm one of the core members of the Tunisian Local Community. I'm one of the founders of the approved Tunisian Loco Team ubuntu-tn and I'm the Loco Team contact. My main goal is to promote Ubuntu in Tunisia, with a focus to Tunisian universities as I'm an university teacher.

Contact details



  • Administrator and Owner of Ubuntu-tn Management Committee team in Launchpad. This team is reserved to the members of the elected Loco Team Management Committee.

  • Administrator and Owner of ubuntu-tn-users team in Launchpad. This team is open for all Tunisian ubuntu users.

  • I actively participated to mounting the ubuntu Tunisian local community with my presence in the irc channel and advertising the team in other FOSS Tunisian teams.
  • I was one of the most active members in the preparation of the approval process of ubuntu-tn as an official Loco Team. Using the mailing list (here and here), irc meetings (here and here) and real life meeting (some photos here and here). I was nominated by other members to present and defend the approval application during the Loco Council irc meeting. Our team was approved in July 22.

  • I heavily contributed into the ubuntu-tn team preparation and participation in the Tunisia Software Freedom Day 2007. This was the most important FOSS related event in Tunisia on 2007 year. It was the first time ubuntu Tunsian team core members meet in real life and the first time that a participation in a FOSS event is done with the the ubuntu-tn name. Some irc meetings August 13 2007, as well as August 14, 15 and 21. Some photos of this event.

  • I wrote an and participated on writing many wiki pages included under

  • In the Ubuntu-tn Management Committee, I'm :

    • The coordinator of the International Relationships Group. My mission in this group is to ensure the opening of the ubuntu-tn team on the international environment by maintaining regular contact with the Loco Council and Collaborating with other Loco Teams.

    • The assistant in the Secretary Group. The mission of this group is to produce and keep track of the minutes of team meetings.

    • The assistant in the Redaction Group. The mission of this group is to create documents (wiki, web pages, etcc..) and share them with other members for contributions.

  • I'm Frequently present on #ubuntu-tn for supporting and building Tunisian community.

Ubuntu Arabic Translators

  • I was accepted, in June 2008, as a member of the official Ubuntu Arabic Translators team. The mission of this team is to translate main ubuntu packages into Arabic. Packages to translate are assigned by the Ubuntu Arabic Translators team Leader. Packages assigned to me and where translation was finished :



My first contact with the ubuntu community was in ubuntu-fr forums, and I was pleasantly surprised by the reactivity of the community and the wealth of the documentation. But I was mainly surprised by the fact that it's an open community as in that time the Mandriva (my first Linux distribution) club was accessible only by paying registration fees. As a contribution to the community life I :

  • Wrote wiki documents about my hardware :
  • Always visit the forum to ask, answer, help and assist the French speaking community.


Future involvement

  • Contribute with Tunisian Loco members to validate the Tunisian Loco Road Map.

  • Continue my involvement in the ubuntu-tn team life.

  • Mounting a legal entity (association) in Tunisia to get official recognition of the Loco by the Tunisian State.
  • Contribute to mount a larger Arabic community with other Arabic Loco Teams. We have some contacts with Jordan and Morocco teams.
    • Offering an Arabic support (documentation and forum) to the ubuntu Arabic community
  • Contribute to the twining project between ubuntu-tn and ubuntu-fr to share resources as the Tunisian community is largely French-speaking. This allow us to concentrate team efforts on Arabic support and documentation. We got first contacts with ubuntu-fr team and we will have more advanced discussions in the near future, I hope.



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