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  • E-mail: <yeager _at_>

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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  • MSN: msn at danielnylander dot se

  • Jabber: yeager at jabber dot org

  • OpenPGP key: 3D51348C

About Me

I'm 34 years young(!) and work pro bono as a Swedish translator for Debian, Ubuntu, GNU, GNOME, and other Open Source projects.

I'm responsible for all the Swedish GNOME translations since late 2005 (proud member of the GNOME Foundation).

I work as a Systems Engineer for one of the leading companies in the Secure Web Gateway and WAN Acceleration market.

I'm responsible for and maintaining the Ubuntu Nordic Remix derivate (customized Ubuntu CDs specifically for Nordic languages: Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Sami language) The CDs are located at, and

I have used Linux since 1994, Debian since 1997 and Ubuntu since 2004.

Translation work

Ubuntu Linux

Debian GNU/Linux

The GNOME Project

The GNU Translation Project

Cheers from Nafallo

I've seen yeager helping out on #ubuntu-se for years. The first thing I really recognised as a contribution was when he translated lots of stuff in Debian, which then ended up in Ubuntu. More and more of the translations in Swedish has carried his name over the years, and now most things we see is his work. Atleast for the Gnome desktop and most of the Ubuntu specific translations.

On the IRC-channel he's always been one of the top five knowledgables, and he gives users good, graphical support whenever he's around (not much apt-get, but rather synaptic or g-a-i).

Since he's a translator he usually runs the developing flavour of Ubuntu and he often confirms bugs with me or with upstream directly. He files bugs in Launchpad and he have often helped me find patches for issues in universe.

I can't say enough how I want to see this collegue and friend as an official Ubuntu member. He deserves it better than most people :-).


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