The Ubuntu 100 Users Project

Project Overview

Based loosely on the 100 Papercuts concept lead by David Siegel of the Design Team, this project aims to introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users in this cycle. Project team members and individuals are encouraged to each introduce Ubuntu to a new person and track that work on the team or personal wiki. The number 100 was chosen b/c it is manageable, easy to track and achievable by any dedicated team or person.

Project Design

Each team/person will create a wiki page with a table with 100 rows with the following column titles:

Team Member | New User | Date Introduced | Notes (can include feedback from the new user, observations, blog posts, links to pics, anything but keep it short |

That's it! We just want a tangible way to show progress and activity, doesn't need to be fancy or formal just help promote Ubuntu to new users and let the world know about it. Once you reach 100, then we start over or transition to another level of mentoring.

Sample Table

Ubuntu Mentor/Team Name

New User

Date Introduced


1. Dinda/Ubuntu for Education



Teacher and my sister, will post feedback when I have it.

2. UbuntuRockstar|individual



Luved it! can't believe they don't need virus software and that it's Free! here's a link to my blog post about it and how easy it was to install new codecs

100 Users Club

For the first three individuals who introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users each, Dinda will send you an Ubuntu t-shirt! To make this fair and encourage new users to get involved I've created a group on Launchpad called the 100 Users Group. As you introduce your new users to Ubuntu they will need to create a Launchpad account and join the group. The individuals who take on this challenge will also need to have signed the Code of Conduct. The Launchpad Team can be found here: https://launchpad.net/~100ubuntuusers

The project officially kicks off on Monday, 14 June 2010.

Participating Teams/Individuals

Add your info here if you want to participate and give a link to your wiki page.

Ubuntu Mentor/Team Name

Wiki Page

1. Dinda/Ubuntu for Education


2. Jessica Ledbetter

Tracking to 100

3. Paul Mellors

100 Ubuntu Users

4. Charles Profitt

100 Users

5. Evalyn Gossett

100 Users

6. Ben Donald-Wilson

100 New Ubuntu Users

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