• 5 Ubuntu msgs a day is an attempt to save a semi-stable input of translated msgs into all Ubuntu Applications. Translations is considered a very valuable contribution to any software as it enables it to reach users from all over the globe, however, translation work can be tedious and thus it suffers very jumpy curves of input, this team is more like a movement rather than a team. Joining is appreciated.


  • This is a group of Active Translators, so joining policy is based on meritocracy. Once you propose membership, your lp profile will be reviewed, if you're active in translation according to one of our activity models, you are in.

Best Practices

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu uses Launchpad to host it's code and translation. A good feature of LP is that it gives translator a web-interface to manage translation, however, many translators prefer to download translation files and translate/localize it locally. This can be a good idea if Translators want to save some level of consistency among all translated messages across one or many projects, here's where CAT Tools come. From Wikipedia, Computer-assisted translation, computer-aided translation, or CAT is a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process. This piece of software can:

    1. Give suggestions per message according to Translation Memory.

    2. Help with matching punctuation between Source and Target messages.
    3. Offer a more flexible, user-friendly and feature-rich environment, which help a lot specially while translating long projects, maybe with fully/partially similar messages.

    To download a template of any project's translation, head to the Translations section, pick the language you want to translate into(LP will jump this step automatically, if you determine your language(s) on your profile), choose the project you want to translate, then click on the Download translation Link at Top-Left of the project translation page. Launchpad will deliver a direct-download link to your Inbox, in an e-mail message, usually after several minutes. The translation file will be delivered in a '.po' format, you may want to use 'poedit' to open and translate it. After you finish doing your magic, save your work into the same file, then go to the same page on LP you downloaded the template file from, and click Upload translation link, which is right to the Download translation link at Top-Left.


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