Mission Statement

Our goal is to aid Linux developers and users of 64-Bit technology, by providing application testing, bug solving, help documentation, communication of news and related advice and also forum & IRC based advice or recommendations.

We aim to be a formal group of 64-Bit enthusiasts that can provide a solid information base for all members of the community, we are here to promote the use of 64-Bit technology and applications, we beleive 64-bit is the future of computing and welcome the transition.

While we are 64-Bit enthusiasts we realise every user has a unique perspective and requirements from their system, members will not preach 64-Bit or Ubuntu, but advise users accordingly, based on information presented to them and the members prior knowledge of the technology.

The goals of the 64BitTeam are to assist the community in;

  • Testing applications and development software versions
  • Solving and reporting bugs in 64-Bit applications
  • Native 64-Bit documentation
  • Forum & IRC based advice and help

  • Up to date information and details regarding all aspects of 64-Bit technology
  • Assist users in upgrading to 64-Bit and the changeover process

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