Ubuntu "Lucid" 10.04 release notes for ARM

For a start, some of the Lucid Release Notes may also apply to ARM.

All systems

  • The 2D Netbook Launcher interface was originally designed for touchscreens. Attempting to use the scrollbar on the side does not work as expected when using a mouse. To scroll through categories with more icons than will fit on the page, use the mouse to drag the window up and down. See 505974.

  • f-spot crashes when editing a picture and the user attempts to select a different option from the edit drop down list on the left side-bar tools. See 561874.

Freescale i.MX51 Babbage boards

For the installation on a Freescale Babbage (2.x or 3.x) board see Babbage installation instructions for 10.04

  • Suspend/Resume does not currently work on Babbage. See 571192.

  • Bringing down the eth0 interface with ifconfig will cause the system to hang. See 559065.

Marvell Dove boards

For the installation on a Marvell Dove X0 board see Dove installation instructions for 10.04

  • After installing the system, you may see many a text screen with errors that say "end_request: I/O error". However, this has not seemed to cause any installs to fail. Pressing 'enter' on this screen will reboot the system, but a message should have been displayed here warning you to remove the install media first. See 539027.

  • If you have speakers or headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the board, you will need to make some adjustments to hear audio. Under sound preferences, click the "Output" tab and select "Analog Headphones" for the connector. See 551249.

  • In the gnome sound recorder, recording into the .ogg format does not produce any audio. However, recording in a different format should work. See 563034.

  • Kubuntu Netbook is known not to work on this board. See 571732

TI OMAP3 Beagle boards

For the installation on a TI OMAP3 C4 Beagleboard see Beagle installation instructions for 10.04

  • Sound recording on Beagle does not work. See 568781

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