Ubuntu "Maverick" 10.10 release notes for ARM

For a start, some of the Maverick Release Notes may also apply to ARM.

Freescale i.MX51 Babbage boards

As of 10.10, Ubuntu has dropped support for the Freescale i.MX51 Babbage board.

Marvell Dove boards

For the installation on a Marvell Dove A0/X0 board see Dove installation instructions for 10.10. The Dove X0 is known to work with this image, but the hardware is known to be unstable when running 10.10 due to use of Thumb2 instructions. The Dove AVD1 board is unsupported.

  • Audio is currently non-function on Dove A0 boards, and is untested on X0 based hardware. See 644028

  • On X0 based hardware, if you have speakers or headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the board, you will need to make some adjustments to hear audio. Under sound preferences, click the "Output" tab and select "Analog Headphones" for the connector. See 551249.

  • After installing the system, you may see many a text screen with errors that say "end_request: I/O error". However, this has not seemed to cause any installs to fail. Pressing 'enter' on this screen will reboot the system, but a message should have been displayed here warning you to remove the install media first. See 539027.

  • In the gnome sound recorder, recording into the .ogg format does not produce any audio. However, recording in a different format should work. See 563034.

  • Kubuntu Netbook is known not to work on X0 based hardware. See 571732

TI OMAP3 Beagle boards

For the installation on a TI OMAP3 Beagleboard (C4 or xM) see OMAP3 installation instructions for 10.10.

  • No sound on Beagleboards 651302

TI OMAP4 boards

For the installation on a TI OMAP4 board (including Blaze and Panda) see OMAP4 installation instructions for 10.10

  • No sound on Panda boards 637947

  • Universe and Multiverse pools are not enabled by default. Need to enable them before installing TI Omap4 Addons. In Ubuntu Software Center, Edit menu, Software Sources, make sure "Community-maintained Open Source (universe)" and "Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse)" are enabled. 659754

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