Meeting History

NEXT MEETING: 2008-09-04 T 12:00 UTC (20080904)

October 11th, 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-mobile


Action Items from last week

  • None

Current Items

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  • Fixed Item: Review action items from last meeting

  • Fixed Item: Status reports (for any blueprints not sent to the mailing list)

  • Update on broken daily builds (Tollef)
  • Update on Private Builds (with nonfree components such as flashplugin-nonfree).
  • Discuss "To Do" for gutsy mobile release. What, when, and who for the next few days.
  • Upgrade libtelepathy from 0.0.55 to 0.0.58

Action items from this weeks meeting

  • Topic: private builds
    • tfheen to get download area for proprietary builds set up.
  • Topic: TODO for gutsy
    • lool to prepare new hildon-desktop and friends
      • davidm, tfheen to test lool's updates
    • bspencer and ToddBrandt to sync up on what components from Todd should be uploaded to gutsy

    • Peter_u3 to talk to telepathy upstream about new libtelepathy. br



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