June 18th, 2009, 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from June 11th, 2009

Current Items

  • Specification Review
  • Roadmap Construction
  • Any Other Business

Action items from this weeks meeting


  • android-execution-environment is depwait on OEM Services Group
  • mobile-qa-karmic-unr drafted and in review state
  • UNR 2D interface moved off Roadmap as OSG is implementing it (but we're still tracking its progress)
  • mobile-unr-karmic-wubi blocked on mobile-unr-seeds
  • mobile-arm-karmic-softboot-loader semi-depwait on kexec()able hardware
  • mobile-arm-karmic-offline-installer-gui moved to In Review
  • mobile-karmic-lxde-ubuntu-desktop drafted and under review
  • mobile-unr-karmic-connman drafted, should be reviewed with someone more familiar with connman though
  • mobile-arm-karmic-easy-redboot-management drafted

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