July 14nd, 2009, 213:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from July 7nd, 2009

Current Items

  • Specification Review
  • Any Other Business

Action items from this weeks meeting


  • mobile-unr-karmic-application-res - no progress due to Moblin packaging
  • mobile-unr-karmic-connman - still testing with applications
  • karmic-lsb-compliance-testing - Waiting for alpha 3
  • mobile-unr-karmic-wubi - Patch submitted by StevenK to fix parser on alpha images which should allow testing of UNR images
  • mobile-unr-karmic-compliance-autotesting - blocked due to a bug in ldtp
  • mobile-qa-karmic-arm - no progress due to no ARM image
  • mobile-general-resolution-for-touchscreen-handling - no progress
  • karmic-freescale-desktop - uboot-imx in NEW queue, no kernel
  • mobile-arm-karmic-easy-redboot-management - might be obsolete with uboot for imx51
  • mobile-arm-karmic-offline-installer-gui - good progress, rootstock project underway
  • mobile-arm-karmic-softboot-loader - no progress
  • karmic-marvell-desktop - got hardware, and booted it to the uboot prompt
  • Buildds currently suffering from breakage when compiling packages with lzma compression
  • backlog of broken packages will take likely upwards of a week to build

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