August 18th, 2009, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from August 11th, 2009

Current Items

  • Specification Review
  • changing the form of the meeting: everybody would update its spec's status in the whiteboard and we'd review a page summarizing status
  • adding work items to all specs which we work on;
  • Any Other Business

== Action Items ==


  • Dove and imx51 images dep-wait replacement on new squashfs builder
  • offline-installer-gui: Trying to find a fix for the missing sched_getaffinity() syscall in qemu-arm-static to make mono packages installable in armel chroots
  • freescale-desktop: rtg is in the process of renaming the kernel packages as discussed ....
  • lxde seed completed
  • wubi recently received upstream changes to allow UNR to be installed with it
  • mobile-marvell-desktop: design doc of how images are going to be laid out drafted and placed in spec as a guide to Marvell
  • kernel packages in NEW queue
  • LSB Testing continued as normal. No new issues.
  • Gruemaster currently testing Ubuntu Moblin edition (Ubuntu Moblin Remix) for Moblin compliance. Will need to test against Moblin directly to establish a baseline.
  • size-reduction spec: slow progress. But the rest things are easy. I'm putting my efforts to moblin things
  • 10 new armel buildds arrived in data center hand-delivered by davidm

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