Septmember 15th, 2009, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.



Action Items from September 8th, 2009

  • dyfet to get lxde-meta sponsored [co]
  • NCommander to create netboot install for z0 [co]
  • lool to switch moblin p3a to public

Current Items

  • Specification Review
  • UNR Status
  • UMR Status
  • Any Other Business

Action Items

  • NCommander to create netboot install for z0 [co]
  • dyfet to remove ubiquty from lubuntu desktop seed
  • dyfet to clean up the lubuntu seeds
  • lool to setup meeting with ubuntu-moblin and report back here
  • paulliu to file question against soyuz on PPA size
  • plars to discuss bug triage workflow with QA team


  • lool tried to switch private moblin PPA to public, but turns out you can't. Packages will have to be moved/copied; deferred until after milestone freeze
  • UMR in poor status due to telepathy-mission-control; Moblin sources have to be ported to new upstream version
  • Syncs and merges into karmic continue
  • Moblin Compliance issues for UMR under investigation
  • lool marked most specs that only had minor work-items as Implemented

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