September 29nd, 2009, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.



Action Items from September 22nd, 2009

  • lool to setup meeting with ubuntu-moblin and report back here
  • plars to update the bug workflow
  • GrueMaster to continue driving moblin compliance issues with the LinuxFoundation

  • paulliu to file question against soyuz on PPA size
  • lool to add uboot-mkimage to the desktop ship seed to make dove images non-dependent on internet access

Current Items

Action Items

  • move lubuntu seed to proper location and enable the meta on amd64
  • lool to test fix for RTC battery charging


  • UMR very broken at the moment due to move to Moblin 2.1
  • desktop-switcher is nice, but currently unstable
  • UNR image oversized again
  • lool to review flash-kernel changes post-beta
  • imx51 RTC patches need testing

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