December 22nd, 2009, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from December 15th, 2009

  • asac to approve outstanding liquid specs
  • persia to watch the builds and make sure they happen and are testable
  • GrueMaster to post LSB test failures for investigation

  • asac to figure out why dove still uses a 2.6.31 kernel
  • dyfet to prepare a test kernel build with the patch in bug 494831 (comment 7)
  • asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is documented somewhere.

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Weekly Reports

Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett)

This week

  • Continued on with the Casper investigations. Talked with interested parties to identify the area's of interest. Possible low hanging fruit is disable_guest_account which could be sped up by about 6.5 seconds.

  • Tracked down the major cause of slowness for Casper, that of debconf-communicate. Straced, timestamped and looked at this with the conclusion that loading the templates.dat file takes around 4 seconds for every debconf-communicate call. Massive win to get this sped up so identified ways of tackling it. Needs implementing.
  • Documented possible fixes for Casper slowness here.

  • Worked on, along with help from the community, pushing build dependencies for netbook-launcher-efl.
  • Little work on the REVU version of netbook-launcher-efl to whip it into shape after the excellent work of mterry.
  • Pushed to get Canola packaged.
  • Initial test of Canola proved that it needs some work before it can be the default media player for Ubuntu ARM. Some bugs submitted.
  • Image testing, internal stuff, tending to sick kids, all good fun.


  • Come up with a working implementation to fix the debconf-communicate issues.
  • Gather monthly information and publish monthly team report.
  • Keep pushing and monitoring netbook-launcher-efl dependencies.
  • If I get time take a look at the Moblin media player.
  • Vacation Tuesday till new year (although I'm sure I'll have some cheeky post-turkey hours to bash some blueprints).

Steve Kowalik

  • Propose a patch for Launchpad for a change to germinate, get it merged and landed.
  • Upload netbook-meta, pulling from the new netbook.lucid branch. Do so multiple times.
  • Merge changes to tasksel, adding netbook, and removed unr and mobile.
  • Remove mobile-meta, and discuss with the LOSAs how to remove its seed branch.
  • Test my changes to livecd-rootfs, uploading it, and organising installation on the buildds.
  • Discover issues that relate to changes with desktop versus une, and fix the seeds. Three times.
  • Push out my changes for the rename to the public branch of cdimage.
  • Merge the changes into the deployed cdimage code.
  • Also fix debian-cd and merge it in too.
  • After an hour or so of poking around, discover why my cron.germinate changes caused it to bail and fix two scripts on rookery. Fix component-overrides generation while I was there.
  • Thursday archive admin duties.

Emmet Hikory

  • Address squashfs -> squashfs-tools source rename for image builders

  • Track ARM image builds

Tobin Davis

  • Continued work on porting LSB tests to arm. Currently focusing on T2C test suites.

Paul Larson

  • Was able to begin testing images on imx51 with successful images beginning on 20091213
  • Collected additional requested debug data for bug #494787 - firefox crashed with SIGSEGV
  • Wrote a script for the bringup testing that uses the bootchart tarball to gather the amount of time it took for boot
  • rebuilt dove kernel with patch from bug #494831
  • created a new install image with the kernel for bug #494831 to test the fix - fix worked, and I was able to create a working dove image to test with
  • made a qemu-arm-static build environment to mess with, see if I can gain any efficiency with it, did some performance comparisons, not impressed with the result
  • Tested a new build of Chromium on ARM, still seeing some SIGILL issues, but able to get further
  • Started working on install testing blueprint

Alexander Sack

  • Vacation.

Oliver Grawert

  • Vacation.

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