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Pre-Installed OMAP/OMAP4 Images

This page links to the processes of using the OMAP preinstalled images for OMAP3 and OMAP4 based boards on different Ubuntu releases.

Desktop Images

Precise Pangolin (12.04)

Server Images

Precise Pangolin (12.04)

Netboot Images

Netboot images are now available for OMAP4.

  • Images can be downloaded at:

  • There is a currently known bug that partman will not create a proper boot partition for guided partitioning if installing on SD. During the partitioning step, you must select manual partitioning, then create a 72 MiB FAT32 partition, with no mount point, and the Bootable flag must be set to 'on'. This partition must be the first partition on the device. flash-kernel-installer will be able to find the partition on its own.

Community Development

Scripts to create an image for the N900 can be found here.

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