The Ubuntu ARM Team is responsible for delivering the Ubuntu ARM Project, This is built from many component projects, most of which are built by free software developers around the world. We select the best available packages for the job, and mold them into a clean, free, well-integrated system, making changes where required to meet our high standards of quality and ease of use. We work with developers in the free software community to support their interests as well as Ubuntu's.


How to Contribute

Launchpad Membership Policy

All are welcome to join the ARM Team. We ask that you first spend some time working on the Ubuntu ARM Project, and are able to reference some of your work that is delivered in the Ubuntu repositories or other Ubuntu resources.

If you'd like to be added to the team, add your name to the next meeting agenda as a candidate, and current members of the team will review your activity, and, if there is meeting consensus, you'll be added as member of the team.

Active members of the ARM Team seeking Ubuntu Membership are encouraged to document their work in the ARM Team, and solicit endorsements from other team members.


Meetings are held every Thursday at 15:00 UTC. If you would like to discuss a specific point, please add it to the next meeting agenda. A complete list of prior meetings with summaries is available.


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