• mono assembly installation hangs under qemu-arm-static
    • If you're running RootStock as root in a x86 machine, you can't install any mono packages (or any seed that depends on mono) otherwise you're going to face this bug. See bug #530000 for more information.

  • qemu: Unsupported syscall: 335
    • Depending on your qemu version this message can fill your log, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  • qemu-system-arm segfaults while running second stage
    • This happens quite frequently when you're using full emulation (running RootStock as user). See bug #604872 for more information.

  • RootStock hangs while running second stage

    • This is another Qemu issue that happens when running with full emulation. Check bug #532733 for more information.

  • Language-pack handling is not implemented yet, please install the packages for your language manually post install.

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