Since RootStock version you can also run it at an ARM machine.

This is useful basically to avoid Qemu issues, as it just uses debootstrap and chroot to create the rootfs.

Note that without Qemu you can only run RootStock as root.

Compatible Machines with an Ubuntu Version

As no emulation is used, you can only create another rootfs of a compatible Ubuntu version.

The main problem is that there are Ubuntu versions not compatible with older ARM cpus, like armv5 or armv6.

Ubuntu x ARM cpu:

  • Jaunty ARM port is armv5 and higher compatible
  • Karmic ARM port is armv6 and higher compatible
  • Lucid and Maverick ARM port is armv7 and higher compatible

For Lucid and Maverick additional features are needed, like Thumb 2 support.

So before running RootStock make sure your device is compatible with the Ubuntu rootfs version you're creating (you can check your /proc/cpuinfo for more information about your device).

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