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The ARM Server project started with the Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) cycle.


The Ubuntu ARM Server project was started with the question "Do Linux X86 software loads work the same on ARM CPU's or are there differences?" To find the answer to this question we are validating server loads on ARM hardware first to make certain they run and in the future on proper server class hardware make sure they run as fast as possible on that hardware.


Currently there is no server class hardware on the commercial market so we are using a development platform for initial validation. At some point over the next year we hope to have proper server class hardware and can run proper benchmarks against it. We are not keeping or publishing benchmark numbers on any validation tests currently being run. Rather we are simply tracking it it runs, has issues or does not run at all (of course filing bugs as needed).

Installing Ubuntu

Netboot and server images are currently available for OMAP3 and OMAP4. In addition, PXE/netboot is currently available on Calxeda ECX-1000 (Highbank), Pandaboard, and Marvell Armada XP.


Please visit the status pages. It lists the current progress blueprint by blueprint, including current burn down charts.

QA Results

QA Results

ARM Server FAQ

ARM Server FAQ

Ubuntu ARM Server AMI on Amazon EC2

Canonical has published an AMI on Amazon EC2 for developers wishing to experiment with Ubuntu ARM Server. The AMI provides an Ubuntu 12.04 ('armhf') system running on an emulated Calxeda system. Performance is limited due to the emulation overhead. Look for AMI ID 'ami-aef328c7'. Note: this AMI requires the use of an m1.large instance type due to memory requirements.

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