ARM Servers are the new entrants into a server market dominated by the x86 architecture. The goal of the Ubuntu ARM Server project is to match the server and workload functionality currently enjoyed by x86 servers on the ARM architecture with optimal performance. This requires an ongoing programme of enablement, validation, functional and stress testing.


Prior to Calxeda’s closure, the “Midway” and “Highbank” server class references boards were commercially available. These are 32 bit ARMv7 boards based on the ARMHF architecture. We are hopeful ARM 64 bit reference boards will be commercially available shortly.

Installing Ubuntu

The following table lists the installation instructions for the boards that are currently supported.



12.04 & 14.04

Calxeda ECX-1000 (Highbank)

12.04 & 14.04

Calxeda ECX-2000 (Midway)


Marvell Armada XP


OMAP4 Pandaboard

Images and installation instructions for these boards can be found at: Installation Instructions.

ARM Server FAQ

ARM Server FAQ

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