This page describes information needed to install Ubuntu on ARM-based systems with UEFI firmware. Note: only ARM64 platforms are currently supported, and only with the network boot installation method.

Network Boot Installation

  1. Download the current installer (16.04) and unpack at the top level of your tftp server root. subdirectories are not supported.

  2. Configure a TFTP and DHCP server as described in the Install Guide.

    1. The netboot.tar.gz must be unpacked at the top level of your tftp server root.

    2. For the filename parameter in your dhcpd.conf file, use "ubuntu-installer/arm64/bootnetaa64.efi".

  3. Direct your system to network boot. The method for doing this varies across UEFI implementations.
    1. AMI AptioV
      1. From the Aptio Setup Utility, select Advanced -> Network Stack Configuration -> Network Stack.

      2. Press "+" to enable the network.
      3. Exit to the top menu and under the Boot menu the network devices will show up in the Boot Priorities list.

  4. Booting the installer :
    1. Connect to the serial console
    2. Power on the system
    3. When the console displays the following message: "The default boot selection will start in X seconds", Interrupt the boot by pressing a key. This will present the EFI Main Menu.

    4. From the EFI Main Menu, choose option “[3] Boot Manager

    5. From the Boot Manager menu, choose option “[1] Add Boot Device Entry

    6. Select a “PXE” option from the menu corresponding to the network adapter to be used for installation.

    7. When prompted for a “Description for this new Entry” enter “PXE

    8. Choose option “[5] Return to main menu

    9. From the EFI Main Menu, choose the newly created “PXE” option

    10. At this stage your system should PXE boot and present a GRUB menu
    11. Press “Enter” to select “Install”. At this point your console will go blank for ~60 seconds, followed by the initial installer screen.

    12. Please follow the installer prompts to make appropriate selections and kick off the installation.

Please use the Ubuntu install guide for more detailed instructions including automated install information.

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