Tool to automate image delivery to omap3/omap4 test platforms for validation and buildd environments.

Release Note

With the 11.10 release of Ubuntu, users will be able to boot off their USB gadget port if they do not wish to use SD cards.


For the buildd environment, we need to be able to start from a clean environment. This means that nothing is stored on the system, and the system is imaged each time it is used. By working with this method of booting, we can ensure an absolutely clean, secure system each time.

For testing server images that are largely commandline driven, the ability to test the image in an automated environment is very beneficial, both from an image QA standpoint and from a hardware certification standpoint. This will enable automated image installation and testing with no user<>hardware interaction required.

User Stories

Company C wants to deploy a cluster of build systems. They need to wipe the os from the build systems on every reboot. Without hardware modifications, the systems will only boot from USB-Gadget port or MMC0 (on-board SD card interface). Having an image on the SD cards can be susceptible to corruption, requiring direct admin interaction.

Hardware Vendor T wants to use a handful of systems to test images in a cluster environment. They want need to be able to test/reimage on a constant basis. Some engineers are in remote locations, making reflashing images to SD manually almost impossible.

Kernel developer wants to test changes to the kernel without having to reimage or reinstall kernels on SD.


Platforms will support USB Gadget port booting before booting from physical media (SD/USB/eMMC, etc).


Host application can either run from the command line or in the background as a daemon process. Both single upload and looping monitor modes are desirable.


Existing apps are available (omap4boot, usb-omap3). These will help form the basis for the new software, as they are incomplete for our needs.

Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues


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