This page keeps track of the current release status of the ARM Team.


  • Lots of fixes went into the omap3 and 4 images
  • A TI ppa apturl support fully implemented
  • OMAP3 3D drivers are packaged and currently in review, we will likely upload to universe early next week.
  • Still the whole team is focused on fixing the highmem and sound issues on OMAP4 in close collaboration with the respective TI teams
  • The FTBFS list on is empty now.
  • There were build issues with the dove images due to antimony (our main build machine) being upgraded to lucid

Image Status

  • all images are looking very good. With the exception of omap4, armel is ready for release. omap4 should be ready late next week.






RC Bugs

Bugs with fix committed/released status:

  • 643791:Installation icon missing from Dove live image.

  • 631696:maximus should only run in netbook-session and not start in gnome-session

Bugs with SRU status:

  • 571192:suspend/resume is currently broken on imx51 - Kernel in proposed still fails to suspend/resume.

  • 646421:oem-config process that zero's swap broken on armel preinstalled images

Bugs targeted for Final release:

  • 605831:[omap3] Resolution should be taken from /proc/cmdline if provided

  • 651302:No sound in omap (beagle, beagleXM).

  • 651281:Need alsa configuration files for Dove A0 SOC platform

Blocker Bugs:

  • 633227: OMAP4 board instabilities with highmem activated

  • 637947: no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards

  • 646421: Using encrypted home with a swapfile (like on omap images) fills up the root partition

  • 605042: Can not build openjdk on the buildds with the current kernels (workaround in progress by replacing one builder with different hardware for this specific build)

Postponed Blueprints

Dropped Blueprints

Expected serious impact for final release (section did not change, leaving here as a general reminder)

  • We will get the final hardware date for OAMP4 was confirmed to be October 4th, it might be necessary that the OMAP4 image release gets delayed
  • The above will also require late kernel and bootloader package changes and uploads to the archive.
  • TI works hard currently to get all code ready and prepared already where it can be done without new silicon
  • We are trying to get it in by hard freeze, if that does not work for some reason (silicon or code bugs) we will resort to doing SRUs for the above mentioned packages.
  • In case the release for OAMP4 wont be on time we will roll a delayed image as 10.10.1 for OMAP4 specifically based on the SRU packages.

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