This page keeps track of the current release status of the Ubuntu ARM Team

  • OMAP4 sound is still highest prio and being worked on
  • Video SYNC loss errors showed up with latest kernel, these are being inspected atm.
  • TI PPA install works fully again (packages from TI still missing in the PPA, but SGX drivers are there)
  • unity-2d upstream works on a final bugfix release to be uploaded on monday

Image Status

  • Netbook images are fine.
  • Headless/serial image works fine.




bugs with Fix released

  • 747247 No TI icon in favorites on omap4 netbook image

  • 744862 /proc/cpuinfo strings for OMAP4 devices changed with 2.6.38 kernels

  • 746137 Page allocation failure on omap4

  • 633227 OMAP4 crashes with highmem activated

Bugs with SRU status:

  • 637947 [maverick] no sound devices on current Panda boards (accidentially there was a broken accepted fix into -updates, still being worked on)

  • 659754 [maverick] Universe & multiverse are not enabled on OMAP4 preinstalled image (fix was not liked by SRU team, re-upload in the works, fixed in natty)

  • 651302 [natty] No sound in omap3 (beagle, beagleXM)

  • 753071 [natty] DRM OMAP driver EDID detection

  • 758961 [natty] omap4 tty_mutex.c oops

Targeted for final:

  • 746023 No sound on omap4

  • 746133 video sync loss on omap4

  • 760035 missing deb-src entries in sources.list

  • 747229 console colors change in headless installs

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