This page keeps track of the current release status of the Ubuntu ARM Team

  • Team focus is on image testing this and next week
  • Banshee was finally dropped yesterday, there seems to be no fix in sight atm, bug is still being researched but we didnt want to risk the release
  • There was one uboot upload to fix an overheating problem on OMAP 4460, so that oneiric images will work on the new panda platforms.
  • The partman-uboot issue was not solved, we will release-note that guided partitioning creates to small boot partitions.

Image Status

  • Desktop images build
  • Server images are good
  • Netboot images are fine too




Open Bugs:

  • 820585 debian installer fails to add fixrtc to systems that do not have a battery backed RTC (arm)


  • 819900 package pool implementation needs to update apt

  • 819899 package pools need to correctly parse override info to create tasks

  • 806751 Boot partition on SD is too small on omap/omap4 with guided install

  • 857299 Banshee does not start

Bugs with SRU status:

  • 637947 [maverick] no sound devices on current Panda boards (accidentially there was a broken accepted fix into -updates, still being worked on)

  • 659754 [maverick] Universe & multiverse are not enabled on OMAP4 preinstalled image (fix was not liked by SRU team, re-upload in the works, fixed in natty)

  • 651302 [natty] No sound in omap3 (beagle, beagleXM)

  • 753071 [natty] DRM OMAP driver EDID detection

  • 758961 [natty] omap4 tty_mutex.c oops

  • 746023 No sound on omap4

  • 746133 video sync loss on omap4

  • 760035 missing deb-src entries in sources.list

  • 747229 console colors change in headless installs

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