This page keeps track of the current release status of the Ubuntu ARM Team

  • armhf bootstrapping is completely done !!!
  • Testing automation of armhf images has started (some issues with d-i not finding the right kernel in net-installations have just been solved, should be fully functional now).
  • FTBFS work is fully focused on fixing the remaining breakages in universe for armhf, the hf build also serves as the first archive rebuild and showed many non arm specific issues, an email was sent to ubuntu-devel about this.
  • Autobuild of armhf images has started, all have immediately booted and were also installable after 901847 was solved

Image Status

  • All images build fine




Fixed bugs:

  • 901847 armhf+omap4 desktop installer dies in


  • 890261 can not execute oem-config in a chrooted environment

Bugs with SRU status:

  • 875928 mutrace: uninstallable as it strictly depends on a specific binutils version

  • 637947 [maverick] no sound devices on current Panda boards (accidentially there was a broken accepted fix into -updates, still being worked on)

  • 659754 [maverick] Universe & multiverse are not enabled on OMAP4 preinstalled image (fix was not liked by SRU team, re-upload in the works, fixed in natty)

  • 651302 [natty] No sound in omap3 (beagle, beagleXM)

  • 753071 [natty] DRM OMAP driver EDID detection

  • 758961 [natty] omap4 tty_mutex.c oops

  • 746023 No sound on omap4

  • 746133 video sync loss on omap4

  • 760035 missing deb-src entries in sources.list

  • 747229 console colors change in headless installs

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