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About Me

tuxmaniac_head.png An ardent follower with strong belief on the FLOSS/GNU Philosophy. I hold a bachelors degree in Electronic and Communication engineering and worked with a German automotive manufacturer's Car Multimedia Division in Bangalore over 3 years involved in research and development of embedded modules for top Automotive manufacturers. Being an active member of the Chennai Linux Users group, India; I have conducted several FLOSS Workshops for college students. My major research interests include Embedded Linux Systems and Free and Open Source VLSI CAD Tools. I have been addicted to Ubuntu Smile :) since Breezy Badger days.

Ubuntu & Me

Ubuntu Indian LoCo team

  • Ubuntu An active member of the Ubuntu-IN loco team and have conducted several workshops/awareness programs on Ubuntu in colleges and distributed CDs to the students

    Ubuntu Helped in organising the Debian/Ubuntu Project day at FOSS.IN 2007

    Ubuntu Active member of the Admin team which manages resources on the LoCo server and IRC Channel.

Ubuntu MOTU Science team

  • Ubuntu Being a Electronics Student and gadget enthusiast, I have always attached myself with the Science packages a bit more than other ones. Actively involved in triaging bugs for science packages, rising sync requests for the past year and a half or so. Off late, I have been involving myself in packaging and other MOTU tasks. Mostly helping in getting unavailable science packages into Debian/Ubuntu.

Bluetooth team

  • Ubuntu Though have not been as active on bluetooth team as I would love to be, I have been using and testing bluetooth devices on Ubuntu since Edgy. Minor edits for the Bluetoothtestplan page was also done. Contributed a Bluetooth remote control hid configuration file for Rhythmbox.

Free Software & Me

  • Ubuntu GNUSim8085 upstream developer and maintainer

    Ubuntu Fedora Electronics Laboratory Contributor

    Ubuntu Conduct workshops on using Free and Open Source Electronics CAD tools at schools and colleges

Future with Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu Maintain up to date Science packages (especially Electronics related) and ensure sync between Debian and Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Make available "New" Science packages to Debian/Ubuntu users

    Ubuntu Become a MOTU

    Ubuntu Conduct IRC classroom sessions at #ubuntu-in to increase awareness/contribution from India.

    Ubuntu Maintain a clean Ubuntu-IN web server.


Aanjhan is a highly brilliant (even more better word is a genius) in electronics and is always committed to the development of floss/gnu software and spreading the same to various youngsters like me.. He is the mainstay of Ubuntu India and he has done a lot to spread floss especially ubuntu in India.. I support him in his every endeavor and I have got few words for you mate.. KEEP ON ROCKING Smile :) -- Bhavani Shankar (August 3rd 2008)

Aanjhan is a long-time contributor to Ubuntu and a great colleague to work with. He's been an active part of MOTU Science and #ubuntu-motu. I heartily recommend him as an Ubuntu Member. -- Jordan Mantha (aka LaserJock)

I first started working with Aanjhan on science packages (specifically xcircuit) back in the Breezy days. He is very diligent and thorough. He has come a long way since then including the addition of new packages. I certainly have no reservations in recommending him. -- Barry deFreese (aka bddebian)

Aanjhan is a Free software lover all the way and really enthusiastic guy. There aren't many people around who can write code, carry out install fests, give presentations about FOSS and communicate on mail/IRC with same enthusiasm and focus. I know him due to work on gnusim8085 and it is he who keeps pushing a lazy guy like me. He has lot of patience and is very thorough in whatever he does. All in all a nice friend and a great community member. -- Onkar Shinde (aka slytherin)

Aanjhan (tuxmaniac) is always source of energy to me. He motivates, encourages and helps to everyone in every possible way he can. Apart from his technical knowledge, he is great community member too. Proud to get friend like him -- Kartik Mistry (kart_)

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