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Aaron Honeycutt

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Hollywood, Florida USA

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Aaron Honeycutt

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ahoneybun on irc.freenode.net

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Kubuntu 17.10


Hello, I am Aaron Honeycutt. I'm currently attending Broward College for my Associate in Science Degree in Computer Information Technology.

Kubuntu Documentation


I have worked with David Wonderly, and Valorie Zimmerman to reformat and reinvent the docs that we have now. Currently Valorie and I are rewriting the original xml text to a Wiki and a few others are editing, proofreading, and brainstorming. We currently have about 5 people working on them.

I have been working on getting the Docs up to par for the new Plasma 5 coming in the 15.04 release.


Working with Travis CI to get auto builds of the Kubuntu Manual and get the PDF and ePubs out to users.

https://travis-ci.org/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual/ http://docs.kubuntu.org/1604/ http://docs.kubuntu.org/1704/

New Kubuntu website

I worked a bit with Ovidiu-Florin and others to design the site with WordPress.

Kubuntu.org Banner

Designed the banners for:

  • 13.04
  • 13.10
  • 14.04
  • 15.04


Aaron's enthusiasm is contagious, he was instrumental in resuscitating our Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team when there was a lull in activities. He has leveraged the Meetup Group to do Ubuntu Hours and other events which directly impacted the membership growth there (252 Members as of this Testimony). He has traveled around representing Ubuntu and KDE and has taken on learning about ways to improve documentation best practices for Kubuntu and other projects. He doesn't shy away from challenges and he sees things through to completion. I really feel that he would make a great addition to the Ubuntu Community Council.

-- itnet7 2017-09-19 03:16:50

I've been working with Aaron for a few years now in Kubuntu and KDE. He's been a faithful, calm presence, always coming up with new ways to improve the projects. In spite of technical and personal setbacks, he doesn't give up, and keeps improving the products over time. He's been willing to travel outside of his comfort zone, and help out -- even all the way across the country! and across the ocean! while making events more fun.

-- valorie-zimmerman 2017-09-19 20:24:30


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