About Me:

My name is Andy Woodhead and thanks for visiting my wiki page.

I have been using Ubuntu since Gutsy but have used Linux since Mandrake 7 in 2000. I like metal, psytrance, swing, motown, drinking, films and art/painting etc. I work as a NOC Engineer for a medium sized company and maintain thousands of remote systems as well as 4 data centres full of Windows servers.


I have been using Linux since 2000, but using Ubuntu since Gutsy. I have always been a fan of Ubuntu and linux and always try to expand others into the OS rather than simply reaching for Windows every time. On 23rd July 2010 I am the 3rd highest contributor on Launchpad as a whole and have the highest Karma in the questions section being the first to beach the 100000 mark with 166739 karma points.

I am frequently in attendance in #ubuntu on and often troubleshoot multiple users issues in parallel. I am known for my entry phrase "Yo yo yo". I also occasionally post on the ubuntuforums and on the ubuntugeek pages. I also like to make my feelings known on OMGUbuntu but feel it is more of an aesthetics appreciation pae rather than any sort of functionality review which I find a little vulgar.

Although not a direct contributor I am on the Lubuntu mailing list and occasionally reply to emails regarding functionality and features but my main contribution is in #ubuntu and on

I feel my straight talking approach coupled with technical ability makes my help seem ok and I'm always there to celebrate when th goal is reached, and pat users on the back when they (often accidentally) fix things themselves.


I am usually available on IRC at in the: #ubuntu, #ubuntu-uk. I use pidgin on my laptop (which people seem to not like as an IRC client but I have used it since my first steps in Linux) and AndChat on my Android G1 phone while I travel to work to pass the time as well as help users although the web browsing I do for research on issues is VERY slow.

Future Plans

I intend to start converting my LAN to a cloud based system mainly to learn new skills. I also intend to continue my huge support in #ubuntu and freenode. If workplaces start using Ubuntu or even just Linux then a job in a Linux environment would be nice. If money improves I hope to gain some Linux / Ubuntu accreditations but we shall see.


ariveira ( erUSUL )

  • I know Andy Woodhead only as ActionParsnip in the #ubuntu channel but that's enough to know that is a very valuable piece of the Ubuntu community. His capacity to help people (many at a time) in the channel allways amaze me. It seems that multitasking is not a problem for him ;). One of the most active helpers in the channel all around.

chiazzese ( idleone )

  • I have "known" ActionParsnip for at least a couple of years now. He is always extremely helpful in #ubuntu. His knowledge of Ubuntu is outstanding. When Andy enters #ubuntu he is there to help, he gets straight to business. He is not exagerating when he says he helps more then one person at a time, it is not uncommon to see 2-3 people being helped by Andy. Andy is already an Ubuntu member in my mind. He is just missing the cloak. +1 Yo Yo Yo. idleone

Willis (Dr_Willis)

  • One of my many friends on the #ubuntu channel. Always insightful and willing to help the more advanced users on advanced topics, and help the beginners learn the fundamentals of linux. He may be the only person i know of that spends as much time on IRC in #ubuntu as i do.

Standish (ZykoticK9)

Scott (Gnea)

  • This guy has been around as long as I can remember in #ubuntu on IRC, which has been at least four years now, and quite possibly longer. He's always been a great help to anybody that's had an issue getting something or other to work correctly in Ubuntu, whether they're a new user or someone that's been around the block for awhile. On a personal level, Andy has always been very polite, patient and understanding. I feel that he fits into the mold that is the Ubuntu team in a very unique and respectful way.

Taowa (taowa4)

He is a very nice user

Ravi Kumar (Ravi5kumar)

He is very helpful guy. He quickly help those newbies as well as advanced users at ubuntu launchpad answers. Beside this he is very active in irc.

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