The Adept User Guide is a reference to the Adept Package Manager, the new package management application, and will cover all applications (Adept Notifier, Adept Updater, and Adept Package Manager. Adept is a Debian and Debian-based systems package manager for KDE; it is a successor to the 'Kapture' application. This guide will provide high-level introductions to concepts and instruction on how to accomplish the most common package management tasks. The guide will be released at version 1.0 and will coincide with Kubuntu 6.06 in June of 2006. This document will be pushed upstream and be included in all installs of Adept.

Document Plan for the Adept User Guide

  1. Audience: The audience for the Adept User Guide is the first-time/new KDE user, as well as seasoned KDE users who are unfamiliar with Adept, but are comfortable with other package managers/frontends. This user will not be new to computing, in general, and will have a good idea of the tasks he/she wants to perform, but may be left searching when it comes to relating past experience to Kubuntu.

  2. Document Outline: See the Document Outline section below. The freeze date for the outline has not been met. Ideas, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

  3. Target Presentation Formats: HTML

  4. License: GFDL and CC-BY-SA (for details, see DocteamLicense)

  5. Technologies and Techniques: The Adept User Guide will be written in DocBook XML, and stored in the Docteam's Subversion repository. Previews of this document will be available from the Docteam Projects Page and every attempt will be made to ensure that this preview is up-to-date, however, the Subversion repository will always store the latest version.

  6. Release Target: The guide will be released at version 1.0 to coincide with the 6.04 Kubuntu release; following the Dapper Drake release schedule.

  7. Links to Current Version: At this time, the most current version is only available in the Docteam's Subversion repository (see below for instructions on how to retrieve it).

  8. How to Contribute: There are two ways to participate: 1) send an email to the ubuntu-doc mailing list (, or 2) make changes directly to the svn repository (see DocteamStepByStepRepository).

  9. Primary Contact: Jonathan Jesse ("jjesse" on irc channel #ubuntu-doc at

  10. Secondary Contact: Troy Williams ("judax" on irc channel #ubuntu-doc at TroyWilliams was the original author of this guide but has since stopped maintaning the guide

Current Version

For now, the best way to get the entire Adept User Guide is to check the files out of the Docteam's svn repository. For help on how to get the files, see DocteamStepByStepRepository.

You can also use the links at the bottom of this page to view the various sections of the guide. Eventually, the Adept User Guide wiki pages will be synchronized with the svn repository.

To build an HTML version of the Adept User Guide, change to the kde directory and at the command line type make aug.

Note: Result of the above make can be found in ../ubuntu-docs/build/kde/adeptguide/.


troy@ubuntu:~ $ 
troy@ubuntu:~ $ cd ubuntu-doc/kde
troy@ubuntu:~/ubuntu-doc/kde$ make aug

To see the Adept User Guide in GNOME's help browser, change to the adeptguide directory and at the command line type yelp adeptguide.xml &.


troy@ubuntu:~/ubuntu-doc/kde/adeptguide/C $ yelp adeptguide.xml &

Feel Free to Contribute

All comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome.

IMPORTANT: The Adept User Guide will be released under the GFDL and CC-BY-SA licenses. If you are going to add content which is copied verbatim from another source, you MUST make sure that it is allowed, and you must include a reference to the source.

Also, list your name with anything you contribute so we can add it to the Acknowledgements section of the Adept User Guide. Major contributors will be added as co-authors.

Please send an email to the ubuntu-doc mailing list ( and/or the primary contact if you would like to contribute to this effort.

See DocteamStepByStepRepository for step-by-step instructions on working with the Docteam's SVN repository. DocteamProjects is a status and working-projects page for the Docteam and is a good source of reference for the types of projects that are being resourced and their current status.

Although the Adept User Guide (as well as all other Docteam Projects) will be developed in DocBook XML, using an SVN repository, your contributions are encouraged regardless of your experience with the above technologies. If you are not comfortable with DocBook XML, feel free to submit content as text, html, etc. and someone from the Docteam will take care of the DocBook markup. However, please do not be intimidated by DocBook XML; having a look at an existing Docteam source file is likely to be all you need to get started marking-up DocBook. There are also excellent DocBook XML references on the Ubuntu Wiki, the Internet at large and, it goes without saying, the friendly folks on the ubuntu-doc mailing list are always eager to answer questions and provide advice.

The Adept User Guide source is contained in one file. The file is adeptguide.xml.

Document Outline

This section is currently a work in process as the exact shape of the guide is still being developed


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