I am an Ubuntu member, the contact of Ubuntu Romanian team and member of Ubuntu Tranlations Coordinators team

I help promoting Ubuntu in Romania, help Ubuntu translators understand the Ubuntu translation process, improve the translation documentation, improve Launchpad Translations(Rosetta).



adi at or adiroiban at


adiroiban (#ubuntu-translators #ubuntu-ro #launchpad-dev)


Adi Roiban

Past activities

  • Active participation into Ubuntu translations sessions from the last UDSs (starting with UDS Jaunty)
  • Document the Ubuntu translations process on the Ubuntu wiki -

  • Localization infrastructure for the Ubuntu Start page (since Jaunty)

  • Helping LoCo teams in creating their own version of and write a script for reporting XML formating error in Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu Docs translations.

  • Make Ubuntu Romanian team and approved LoCo and make sure the team activities are reported using the monthly team reports -

  • relaunching the Romanian Ubuntu website ( and local comunity setting a strong online presence.

  • Co-organized the first and only Software Freedom Day event in Romania in 2007
  • Organized the only Document Freedom Day event in Romania in 2008
  • Coordinated and helping people from Romania in organizing Ubuntu 8.04 Release parties in major cities from Romania.
  • Translation of the FSF Europe webpage
  • Organized summer holiday workshops for students
  • Organized the first Romanian outdoor FLOSS event, FLOSS Camp 2008. It was a meeting with all coordinators of Romanian major free software comunities -

  • Distributing Ubuntu Laptop stickers in Romania Smile :) (the one from system76 and other dyi stuff)

  • Organizing Ubuntu Presentation in Cluj-Napoca and helping other people from Romania organizing local events

Current activities

  • Coordinating the Romanian LocoTeam, including managing the website, forum, wiki.. etc

  • Coordinating the Romanian Localization Team
  • Committing upstream the Romanian translation changes from Launchpad. Working with Romanian GNOME, Firefox and Fedora teams for achiving a better collaboration.
  • Coordinating the Romanian GNOME Translations

  • Improve Launchpad Translations (Rosetta) by submitting patches

  • Create an API for Launchpad Translations (Language and Translation template API already committed)

Future activities

  • Improve the UI for Launchpad Translation page and make it more translator friendly


Jani Monoses (janimo) : For the past year Adi has been the most active and enthusiastic member of the Romanian Ubuntu community. The recent reorganization of the community sites and l10n team are due to his efforts. He can convince and inspire others to get involved and contribute as well Smile :)

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