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Note: This page is under edition. I'm still waiting for approval for Ubuntu Package Uploader, and waiting for account creation for Debian Developer.

My name is Adrian Perez, working as Linux Network Administrator at UNILAC, Cuba. But mainly I'm a software developer, which since ages ago have given the most priority to developing and contributing to open-source applications. I'm 20 years old.

More about me

I can be qualified as a successful application developer, which has used programming languages in order to succeed building from home use to enterprise applications, for desktops, servers and mobiles. My personal interest for Linux started from the Red Hat 7 Valhala line, giving me enough power to push my system as far as I wanted it to go. The split-up after Red Hat 9 made me switch to the only distribution I had in mind for a switch, that was Debian. I've been using Debian since then, until Ubuntu came up. Faster release cycles, a company backed Debian, and the ease of use of Ubuntu, which allowed me to do installs for co-workers workstations; were the reasons I found Ubuntu the most interesting distribution out there. Currently I work closely as an official developer for both distributions giving the best of me to probably the best of Linux.

My Interests

Programming, Networks, IT in general, I do the most I can to get better.

My Ubuntu story

I got involved in Ubuntu since I started using it. Ubuntu motivated me in such a moment I was starting to realize the use of Debian testing wasn't the best approach to keep myself both updated and stable. The Ubuntu distribution made an awesome rise in a few little years, and I'm willing to say it's probably the best Linux distribution at the moment I'm writing this.

My involvement

I started contributing to the Debian distribution as soon as I realized that I have the necessary skills to be useful for the project. I stepped through the documentation, adopted a few packages, joined the Debian Java team, made patches, fixed bugs and summarizing I got involved with Debian developing through the process of sponsorship. I got encouraged by several sponsors and several people I met in the process to apply to the Debian New Maintainer process in order to become an official developer. I finished the process recently, and now I'm waiting for DAM approval for account creation. I had keep an eye of the status of my packages in the Ubuntu distribution, which is the one I use currently, fixed Ubuntu bugs, provided workarounds for easy to fix issues, and such kind of work to keep my packages in sync with Debian in Ubuntu. I have been encouraged by several Ubuntu MOTUs to apply to this process as well.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I currently [co]maintain the swt-gtk package (Standard Widget Toolkit Java Library for GTK), azureus (BitTorrent Client), and eclipse (Powerful IDE and platform written in Java). I have tight contact with upstream authors there, a contact which should be useful for both distributions. I'm proud of "returning the investment" to the Linux distributions I've learned with, the ones I'm using, and the ones I love.

Areas of work

I have worked with the eclipse-linux upstream team, the azureus team, the eclipse-ubuntu team, debian-java team, and ones I could have forgotten. Mostly in the Ubuntu MOTU team I have a tight contact with Onkar Shinde, since he seems to have an eye on my packages in Ubuntu. He once came with a doubt, and we started from there.

Things I could do better

I think I'm working in packages which are non-trivial, so there are many improvements which can be done. I'm interested in the source package 3.0 format, and making the java and ruby packaging cleaner.

Plans for the future

I want to improve my packaging, I want to step into other languages' packaging, and I want to become better to make Debian/Ubuntu better with my little knowledge. I'm proud to say I'm the first Debian/Ubuntu developer in Cuba ever, so somehow I want to get myself more involved with the free software movement in my country, since I maintain most of my free-software relationships online. I'd probably be grated to do my work in full-time, getting employed by Canonical, for example, but my Debian and Ubuntu work will remain the same (unless it gets better).


What I like least in Ubuntu

Definitely is Flash. With the use of HTML5, and the future adoption of the standard, I think I could live with it..


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Benjamin Drung

General feedback

I work with Adrian on the eclipse package. Together with Niels Thykier, we brought eclipse into karmic and hopefully soon into Debian unstable.

Specific Experiences of working together

All the work can be examined in the git repository of eclipse.


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IT Technologies

Desktop/Web/Mobile/Enterprise Programming in Java, Ruby, Python, C#, C++; Web Design,HTML,XHTML,XML, Ajax; Network Administration, Security and Auditing, and quite a long etc.

Thank you for visiting my wiki and reading this.

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