Adrien Cunin, aka Adri2000.


I am living in France and have been using Ubuntu since hoary, when I really began to use Linux on my desktop.

My first contribution to Ubuntu was translation at the end of the dapper cycle. For edgy, I started packaging (thanks Gloubiboulga's sessions in #ubuntu-fr-classroom :-]) and bug triaging.

I'm a MOTU since January 2007.

The rest of this page is not really up to date and was mostly written at the time of my MOTU application. Smile :-)


I package some new programs, try to fix bugs, help with merges/syncs, make sure that the programs in universe and multiverse are not out of date.

Some points about universe/multiverse and MOTU I feel important:

  • Collaboration with Debian: report as much bugs as possible in Debian to avoid useless merge workload (and also to improve Debian in the meantime Smile :) )

  • QA: I mean look for important bug fixes available in Debian, fix unmet deps or other easy-to-fix bugs (such as rebuilds) that makes a package unusable, etc. *before* the release Smile :) Of course the problem is the huge number of packages we have to take care of.

  • Help those who are not (yet) MOTU, enthusiasts and hopefuls, to contribute to universe and multiverse. It includes REVU and uploads sponsoring.

New packages

  • DJPlay (edgy) [now maintained in Debian]

  • Giplet (edgy)

  • HomeBank (feisty) [now maintained by someone else in Debian]

  • libdjconsole (feisty) [now maintained in Debian]

See for the packages I maintain in Debian.

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