This is the home page for Afghanistan Ubuntu Local Community Team. Afghanistan passed long period of darkness and war and now got the chance for rebuilding. This process is fully supported by Afghan society and new generation for a bright future.

Afghanistan has the opportunity to start from Open Source at an early stage. In capacity building phase, influencing the IT infrastructure and redirecting it toward open source is our vision. Our mission is already started by implementation of different projects and activities for this huge revolution.

Afghanistan Ubuntu Loco Team which is merged with Hubuntu (Herat Ubuntu Team) is started by students from Computer Science Faculty (CSF) in Herat University (HU).

The Afghanistan team will support the modifications needed to make Linux work for more in Afghanistan supporting localization and translation work and community awareness of the importance of Open Source / Ubuntu as a gateway.

Work will expand to support the distribution of CDs, Installation parties and LUGs. We will support people to unleash the power of Open Source to contribute to the development of Afghanistan.

How to Contribute

  • Join our community / contribute to Launchpad page
  • [AfghanistanTeam/Ideas] - Ideas for Linux in Afghanistan
  • Join translation team
  • Join our forum

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