About me

My name is Ahmed, I'm 23 years old, I live in Cairo, Egypt.
In brief, I'm an author and interested in economy, free/open source software, art of Arabic calligraphy and environmental and social issues. I believe that “Details Matter” and “Less Talk Means More Action”.

I've been writing for the technical field since 2005, and fully Ubuntu user since 2008. Since this time I'm trying to spread Ubuntu across Egypt and the whole Arabic World. I'm also a member of the Ubuntu LoCo Team in Egypt (Ubuntu-eg).

I wrote many technical articles/tutorials about Ubuntu, Linux and Free/Open Source software. But what makes me most proud is my book “SimplyUbuntu”.

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<ahmed [at] aabouzaid [dot] com>



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  • Support Ubuntu and Ubuntu users in the largest Linux Forum For Arabic speakers “Linux Arabic Community”. (2008 - current)

  • My first book about Ubuntu called “Practical Guide to use Ubuntu” (with more than 16000 download and online reads). (2008)
  • Contribution with Egypt LoCo Team “Ubuntu-eg”. (2009 - current)

  • Writing technical articles about FOSS for a famous Arabic technical web site “ITWadi.com”. (2009 - current)

  • Wrote a booklet about 200 Free/Open Source software alternatives for windows users as preparatory step to switch to Ubuntu. (2009)
  • Wrote unique tutorials in Arabic about many FOSS software (Virtual Box, Live Streaming with VLC, Metalink, Open Virtual Desktop, Phoronix Test Suite, Libre/OpenOffice Tips ... and more).
  • Bugs reporting.
  • My second Ubuntu book “SimplyUbuntu”. (2011)

    • Simply Ubuntu is an Arabic book for end-users, focuses on simplicity and the ease of use, it was released in 2011 and achieved a great success and contributed significantly to spread Ubuntu in the Arabic World with more than 39000 download and online reading until this moment.

    • Nowadays, the book “Simply Ubuntu” is one of most popular materials in Arab countries and became official Loco Team (Ubuntu-eg) book, what's best about that book is not just it's about Free/Open Source software (Ubuntu), it's produced by Free/Open Source software (LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape...), it's also licensed under FOSS license! (Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0).


  • Introducing Ubuntu for more users.
  • Helping End-users and business emigrate to Ubuntu.
  • Making Ubuntu the default OS in schools and government institutions.
  • help anyone who can use a mouse and a keyboard to use Ubuntu.
  • Share all my knowledge with others.
  • Make more people's lives better :‑)


  • Organizing Ubuntu events in all Egypt with Ubuntu-eg LoCo Team.

  • Working on a second version from my book “Simply Ubuntu” updated with lastest Ubuntu release (Quantal Quetzal - 12.10).
  • Develop a new application in collaboration with Ubuntu-eg LoCo Team to fix most arabic users issues with Ubuntu.

  • Course for end-users based on Simply Ubuntu book.
  • Make LibreOffice workshop in Cairo.


Please place your testimonials below ending with your Ubuntu.com wiki page, or LaunchPad page if you have one. If you've neither, just leave your name and nickname. Thanks :)

  • I have been familiar with Ahmed's work for some years now. He's very enthusiastic, level headed and truly believes in openness and freedom. His book “Simply Ubuntu” helped us a lot in spreading the usage of Ubuntu in Egypt. Since its release we recommend it to new comers who become more familiar with the system in small time by following the book. I believe he deserves to get Ubuntu membership. Good luck Ahmed Smile :) Ahmed Toulan

  • I knew Ahmad from his famous book “Simply Ubuntu”, he works on this book so hard in order to improve it and make it easy to read for everyone uses a mouse and a keyboard. Right now, I'm working with him on an application to work side by side with book “Simply Ubuntu” to make it easy for new users to do some processes in just one click. I found that Ahmed is a man of goals, he writes his goal and what is needed, then work. Of course Ahmad deserves to be an Ubuntu member, he deserves it. Eslam Mostafa

  • Ahmed is very passionate about, and committed to, Ubuntu and free software. His book “Simply Ubuntu” helped introduce Ubuntu to many users with little IT knowledge and it's becoming the Ubuntu reference for the beginners who are converting to Ubuntu. Islam Hassan

  • This guy is very active in the Egyptian community, he is buzzing helpful tips on his blog, he wrote a book about Ubuntu in Arabic, and he started to make some interesting scripts and tweaks. I met him a lot online, either on the LoCo mailing list or on a comment here or there. I hope to meet him in person soon. AMahdy AbdElAziz

  • ‫ Ahmed and his writings (his books and articles ) is great efforts for all arabic users. everytime i meet new ubuntu user I recommend them to read simply ubuntu book, and a lot of people told me how ahmed's book help them to start learning ubuntu and open source, I can't find a way to thanks his efforts, so I will try to suporting him and support his books Anas Emad

  • I work with ahmed abou zeid and he was believed for the freedom and the open software and he wrote book called simple ubuntu he is wonderful and he is a good man and I hope to ahmed to be in offical ubuntu team he is a useful man and he help every one in the team and any member use ubuntu Abdelrahman el Semary

  • I have learnt alot of skills about ubuntu from his book “SimplyUbuntu” and I really thank him for writing this book , he help every one in the team and any member use ubuntu ,I hope to ahmed to be in offical ubuntu team Abdelrahman bonna


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