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1 - 9 Sep. 2011

5 MSGs A Day

Translation work can be tedious, and lacks sociality, so this simple movement (team) gathers many of translators in one place on one purpose to (1)Celebrate their daily activity, (2)Prevents them of feeling alone (3)Use the magnificent power of human determination to keep translation process active.

9 Jul. 2011

Ubuntu Event Interpreters

Instead of closing the Ubuntu culture to English speaking ppl and as we expect nonEnglish devs to contribute to Ubuntu in the near future what if we pushed some effort towards live interpretation for Ubuntu Events?

Jul 13 2011


Started to think about collecting all info related to jump into Ubuntu development, to form a guide to newcomer developers.

Aug 14 2011

'QUESTION' option on ubutto

Trying to talk to people in charge to shorten the word 'QUESTION' to a smaller one, so people suffer lesser :P

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