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  • My name is Andrey Mavlyanov (ru: Андрей Мавлянов) aka aim. I'm a long-term GNU/Linux user (already do this for around 10 years) and advocate from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    Linux is not just a hobby for me, it's a way of living. And I do all my best to help people to involve into the community by coordinating Saint Petersburg Linux Users Group (SPbLUG) activities.



Andrey Mavyanov


Saint Petersburg, Russia




aim1159 on freenode



My current Ubuntu activities

Previous Ubuntu activities

  • I used to be IRC Channel OP on #ubuntu-ru and #ubuntu-translators-ru from 2005 to 2009, until we changed the russian channels governance. Used to participate in organizing a lot of local events such as Ubuntu Install Parties (started near the Autumn 2007), Ubuntu Release Parties (we didn't do this for 9.04 and 9.10 since the user activity on such events are small for some reason - need a work on that)

Future plans


  • Aim is the person who concentrates and coordinates Linux users in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He makes awesome job by organizing SPb LUG meetings where were interesting lectures every time I was there. He asks people to talk about things interesting to community and people do it. This is because of the Andrey's incontestable valuable status of the Linux Driver in Saint-Petersburg for several last years. And for a couple last years he takes over spreading Ubuntu Linux: Release Parties in SPb, supporting users in main Ubuntu Russian users mailing list and on the Wherever you could see Ubuntu in the Russian Internet you always will see Aim helping people to solve there problems, find useful info or just explain some things that are not clear for Russian speaking users. -- lig

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