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I am 33 year old Linux enthusiast from Prato, Tuscany, Italy. By day, I am a Free Software freelance consultant/programmer (unemployed at the moment and for this reason I'm constantly looking for a job). I have been using Linux (Slackware, Red Hat, Debian and finally Ubuntu) for about 13 years now. My Linux journey began when I looked for a stable system to connect to local Fidonet BBS node. In 2000, I co-founded the LUG of the my city PLUG - Prato Linux User Group where I advocate Linux and Ubuntu.

Enter Ubuntu

Late 2004, a friend of my local LUG introduced me to Ubuntu - then version 4.10. At the time, I was using Debian and really was impressed with what Ubuntu offered and have never looked back.

At the moment in Ubuntu I'm maintaining the realtime kernel flavour. I have provided a realtime flavour for Feisty as external debian repositary, for Gutsy directly in official archives, Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic until to the last Lucid. For this effort I'm joined to Ubuntu Kernel Team (thanks BenC). I'm also member of the Ubuntu Studio Team which use realtime kernel as fundamental piece.

Contributions To The Ubuntu Community

Personal Goals For 2008/2009

  • (./) Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Member.

    (./) Ubuntu Pass the LPIC1 Certification exams.

Personal Goals For 2010/2011

  • Ubuntu Provide a stable "lowlatency" kernel for multimedia users and a vanilla "realtime" kernel for advanced ones.

    Ubuntu Provide the Arduino package through official Ubuntu archives.

    Ubuntu Find a job.

Ubuntu Membership Approval

<abogani> _MMA_, luisbg, joejaxx: rock'n'roll!
<Andre_Gondim> may I?
<LjL-Mobile> congratulations no0tic
<no0tic> thanks LjL-Mobile
<abogani> I'm here!
<luisbg> abogani, I'm here
<profoX`> Andre_Gondim: wait your turn for a little while longer ;)
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<Andre_Gondim> ok
<dholbach> Andre_Gondim: we're going through top to bottom
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<jussi01>  I would like to put a good word in For Alessio (abogiani). In my opinion he has been a vital part of the Ubuntu Studio team, working with the RT kernel and fully deserves membership.
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<dholbach> BenC, _MMA_: you're here to cheer for abogani?
<BenC> dholbach: yes
<_MMA_> I was waiting for his intro. :)
* luisbg is waiting too
<abogani> Sorry for poor english. It isn't my native tongue and now i'm very excited also. :-)
 My name is Alessio Igor Bogani. I am 30 year old Linux enthusiast from Prato, Tuscany, Italy. I have been advocating Ubuntu since the day I started using it in late 2004. Before that time I was a Debian user. I am a member of the Ubuntu Kernel team and founder and team leader for the Ubuntu Realtime Team. My Ubuntu pages are and 
<_MMA_> As the lead on Ubuntu Studio I have to give a big +1 to Alessio from the entire team. His creation/maintenance of the -RT kernel is a key component for us. Our users have greatly appreciated it. He has also worked hard to integrate himself into the kernel team. (BenC could also chime in on this)
<profoX`> while I don't know abogani personally, I want to put in a good word for him too.. he seems a very active contributor in a lot of areas.. i'm a bit surprised he has done this much in just a half year?
<sabdfl> abogani: do you know anything about carrier-grade linux? i see you are in the CG-Ubuntu team :-)
<luisbg> I must advocate for abogani too, his work in the Real Time kernel has made it what it is right now. This kernel is key for Ubuntu Studio, but also used by some part of the rest of the community.
<BenC> I've worked with abogani a lot concerning the -rt (realtime) kernel flavour. He's been generally responsive to suggestions, and requests. He's dealt with the kernel team in a professional manner through out gutsy. The ubuntu-studio folks owe him a great deal.
<abogani> sabdfl: a little! :-)
<sabdfl> is it still an active upstream idea, or is it just a bureaucratic situation?
<abogani> sabdfl: at the moment the second one. :-(
<sabdfl> pity
 ok, +1 from me based on strong contributions over six months
<dholbach> +1 for abogani from me
<MikeB-> +1 from me, great work
<_MMA_> ;)
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<abogani> Thanks! :-)
<luisbg> my congrats abogani :)
<dholbach> elmo?
<ccm> grats, abogani :)
<huats> congrats abogani
<elmo> +1
<Kmos> hi
<abogani> Thanks to all! 
<jussi01> congratulations abogani!!
<dholbach> congrats abogani
<BenC> abogani: congrats
<penguim> abogani, congrats
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<Kmos> I don't know if have passed my time, but I just know about the meeting right know from somerville32
<sabdfl> Matthew Craig around?
<somerville32> sabdfl, kmos missed his spot earlier.
<desertc> I am here!
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<sabdfl> ok, go ahead Kmos
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