Short Introduction

I am Alexander Sack (aka asac) and I recently joined ubuntu in order to work on mozilla package maintenance. I also have engaged in network management and bluetooth as well as various other components of the ubuntu desktop stack. In Q4 2009 I joined the mobile team as the tech lead. You can get contact info on my launchpad page.

I also have a tumblr blog as well as a currently abandoned blog about mozilla, ubuntu and debian; further I am microblogging on (asac). The contents from there are also mirrored on twitter (asacasa) if you prefer to use that service.

How to contact

I usually hang out in #ubuntu-arm, #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-desktop, #ubuntu-mozillateam, #nm and other channels on My nick is asac. Other networks i am usually logged in are listed on my launchpad page.


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