in Ubuntu, I've been working mainly on bug triage and translations in malone. I have access to a lot of different hardware on my work, and this provides me means for testing Ubuntu on a wide range of equipment.

Profile at launchpad:

I maintain a Ubuntu blog at (pt_BR only, it is a registered feed for Brazilian Ubuntu Planet, a blog aggregator) - this blog focus on hardware questions, altough it is not mandatory that things relate to hardware on it.

I've written a nice tutorial on how developers can change source code in Ubuntu/Debian way - - Which lead to a exclusive video driver for breezy amd64 - a functional Via Unichrome (breezy-amd64 used vesa):

actually working on a custom distro (ubuntu-based) for a Brazilian hw manufacturer. We currently patch Ubuntu Live for

  • Raid modules
  • pt_BR support out-of-box
  • Modem modules
  • A Windows-like gnome theme
  • Custom applications
  • A Live installation script, some sort of UbuntuExpress

projects which I collaborate or collaborated in the past, either by submitting bugs, suggestions, corrections, translations (to/from pt_BR) and patches include

among others.

I maintain the pt_BR version of the Linux NIS-HOWTO at

Rafael Espindola ported the gpl driver for conexant modems to kernel 2.6 (thus avoiding buying the conexant one), and I've packaged it for Breezy:

I like motorcycles, sailing, japanese food and star trek.

Can be found as surak at everyday in #ubuntu-br, #ubuntu-br-tradutores and #ubuntu-bugs daily.


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