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I'm Alexandre Vassalotti, a computer science student from Quebec, Canada. I am a Ubuntu user since the 5.04 release, the Hoary Hedgehog. It was my first real introduction to a Linux system. Since then, I never stopped to enjoy learning to use it.


Here a list of some of my contributions.


  • UbuntuPackagingGuide: I worked with JordanMantha for creating this guide. Since I didn't really knew anything about packaging, when I started it, my contributions were mainly geared toward describing the tools packagers uses. I also wrote most of the section called Packaging with Debhelper.


  • I did several splashes images for Ubuntu for Breezy Badger, that I posted in this thread. I also distributed the source file for the image

  • I did upstart's logo, with the help of ScottJamesRemnant. I'm quite proud of the result.

Bug Report

This is just my favorite bug reports. For the complete list, look in launchpad.


I try my best to answer support requests on Launchpad. The list can be found here: I also started a new team which is goal is to provide free support to Ubuntu users.

I also done a significant amount of support in the IRC channels.


  • I started UbuntuTrivia, which is a themed quiz about anything that can be interesting.

  • When I got the time, I try my best to help on UbuntuWeeklyNews.

Future Plans

  • Debug and improve applications provided by Ubuntu. (ie. gnome-app-install, update-manager, upstart)
  • Help to coordinate the efforts between the developers.
  • Improve the existing documentation.
  • Maintain the packages in Universe and possibly in Main too.

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