My name is Alexey Molchanov (Алексей Молчанов in Russian). I'm 20 years old computer enthusiast and programmer. I live in Chernigov, Ukraine (about 150 km from our capital - Kiev). I am a student of Chernigov State Technological University (cs department). My native language is Russian and I know Ukrainian very well too.

I am very interested in Open Source and most interested in GNOME, Python, wxWidgets projects. My favorite linux distributions are Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu of course. I have been a Linux user for 4+ years.

My favorite programming language is Python (but I'm not very experienced in it yet). Also I have a strong knowlegde of C and shell scripting, little C++ and x86 assembler (tasm). I don't mention old Pascal/Delphi and BASIC.

My current Ubuntu activities

  • Now I'm discussing creation of Russian Ubuntu Language Team.
  • I've created Russian Local Community Team and I'm leader of this team. As part of my activity as a leader I set up Russian Community's forum and web site (currently only wiki available). Thanks for MatthiasUrlichs for hosting and help.

  • I'm founder and administrator of ubuntu-ru mailing list and #ubuntu-ru irc channel.

  • I'm planning to create ubuntu-ua mailing list and already created #ubuntu-ua irc channel for Ukrainian Ubuntu users.

  • I'm looking for people in Ukraine to host a local Ubuntu mirror. Also I helped a little to create full Russian Ubuntu archive mirror at citkit.

My previous Ubuntu activities

My Ubuntu interests

  • Translation some of Ubuntu documentation into Russian.
  • Helping on bug squashing and testing.
  • Advocating Ubuntu among Russian-speaking community and organizing this community.
  • Maybe little packaging work in the future.


You can reach me in a number of ways but preferred are e-mail for offline, Jabber and IRC for online. I'm usually online 15:00-01:00 EET (GMT+2).

E-mail: alexey.molchanov <at>

IRC: skyrider on freenode network (I'm usually present at least on #ubuntu-ru and #debian-russian channels)

Jabber ID:

Yahoo! IM: alexeymolchanov

ICQ: 103195540

LiveJournal: (in Russian)

Website: (some random stuff, nothing useful yet)

GPG key id: 0x45479C5E (you can get it here or download from one of public keyservers)


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