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About Me

I am 19 (1987.11.28) years old and a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA USA. I am a double major Mathematics and Computer Science. I am an avid cyclist and member of Philly's bike community. You can almost always find me at Philly Critical Mass ( Your city probably has one too, look it up. If not, start one! I like to surf, bike, skateboard, play music, and compute. I play guitar, trombone, and cello. I play guitar in a band, Shootin' Blanks/f(x)/Prague Rokk (hahah email me to book us! We'll play anywhere!). My family consists of my girlfriend, my dad, my mom, and my younger brother. I also have a dog and a cat.


I started using Ubuntu in October of '06 shortly after edgy was released. I was chatting with a friend online and he told me I should check out Ubuntu. I did, installed it, and never looked back. I dual booted for a few months until I realized there was nothing I needed windows for and I was just ruining my free-software karma. I started going to the Philly Linux User Group ( and began to get more involved. I frequented the forums giving support to people who needed it. A few months ago I joined the Ubuntu Pennsylvania LoCo Team and became active in that. Free software is something I'm very passionate about and I love spreading Ubuntu and free software to people all over the world.

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