I am working to introduce Ubuntu and other FOSS options into the Massachusetts, USA area. This particular part of the state has a lot of focus on.

  • Buy local products to help create a sustainable economy
  • Creating/Supporting greener alternatives

In the past year we have created a Collective of Technicians under River Valley Tech Collective @

There have been successful installs of Ubuntu at a couple of non-profits and other organizations.

Some of our main goals in the next few years.

  1. Drupal installs for non-profits, libraries and advocacy groups in the area
  2. CiviCRM installs and hosting for these groups as well.
  3. A clear desktop solutions using Linux Terminal Services so they can
    • 1.a reuse old hardware 1.b spend less on desktops 1.c average about 20 watts a desktop instead of say 50watts 1.d easier installation and replacement

With all of these we will be trying to create a clear Training system

  1. online videos
  2. onsite training
  3. web / PDF pages

This is where our greatest focus needs to go and we are really working hard on making this part happen.

Overall I think the Ubuntu and FOSS options is a vital solution for communities. Helping to create a better local economy and a greener solution to many of the other options out there. As well as create a more level playing field for the many groups out there needing technology to stay active.

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