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I am a computer engineer, MSc, PhD, appointed since 2000 as an I.T. teacher in Ioannina, Greece. I've been developing open source software for more than 3 decades. Since 2009 I'm the lead developer in a Greek school tech support team that supports 1000+ schools using Ubuntu/LTSP, and since 2012 I'm in charge of the public I.T. office that supports the secondary schools of Ioannina.


I'm the lead developer of:

  • LTSP: Linux netbooting solution

  • Epoptes: computer lab management and monitoring tool

  • sch-scripts: Greek LTSP server administration software

  • GLOSSA: IDE and interpreter for a Greek programming language for high schools

  • Algorithmics: high schools programming activities

  • Preschool activities: HTML5 preschool activities

Other open source related contributions:

  • I'm a Debian maintainer

  • I've set up and been maintaining the "Steki" forum where Greek IT teachers exchange concerns and ideas, with more than 10 million page hits since 2001

  • I've converted about 5 Gb of Windows-based Greek education software so that they run under Linux, packaged them in .debs and put them in repositories so that now installing all the necessary packages for e.g. a high school is as simple as apt-get install gymnasio

  • I've been helping in IRC channels, in forums, writing wiki pages, manuals, submitting bug reports and patches and generally helping out wherever I can

My github and launchpad pages have more details on those.


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