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I am a computer engineer, MSc, PhD candidate, appointed since 2000 as a secondary school teacher in Ioannina, Greece. I've been developing open source software for 2 decades, although I've only been involved with Linux for the last 5 years. Since 2009 I'm also working in a Greek school tech support team that helps migrating schools to Ubuntu/LTSP (about 300 schools so far), and that played a role in shipping 120.000 laptops to students preinstalled with Edubuntu.


  • I've been an Edubuntu Council member since 2009-12-21, and an upstream LTSP developer since 2009-12-03.

  • I'm one of the main Epoptes developers, the classroom management tool shipped with Edubuntu since Precise.

  • I've opened sourced all of my educational software and activities packages.

  • I've set up and been maintaining a forum where Greek IT teachers exchange concerns and ideas, with more than 5 million page hits in the last 9 years.

  • I'm the lead developer of a school lab administration tool that helps teachers set up and maintain Ubuntu/LTSP based computer labs. I'll try to get it ready for inclusion to the Debian/Ubuntu archives in the future, like we did with Epoptes.

  • I'm the main author of 3 Ubuntu/LTSP installation manuals that specifically target Greek schools.

  • I've converted about 5 Gb of Windows-based Greek education software so that they run under Linux, packaged them in .debs and put them in repositories so that now installing all the necessary packages for e.g. a high school is as simple as apt-get install gymnasio.

  • I hang around in #ltsp, #edubuntu and #ubuntu-gr IRC channels, helping as much as I can, e.g.:
    $ grep alkisg .purple/logs/irc/* | wc -l
    Wink ;)

  • I've been submitting bug reports, uploading some patches, and generally helping out with bug squashing. My launchpad page has more details on those.

  • I've been writing some Ubuntu community wiki pages, mainly under UbuntuLTSP.

  • I'm the owner of the Linux Greek teachers launchpad team, an administrator of the Ubuntu Greek Translators team, and a member of the Gnome Greek Translation team.

Future plans

I'll be using open source applications in my classrooms until my retirement in 20+ years, so I plan on constantly trying to make them better and easier to use.


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