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My name is Amirol Ahmad and I am from Malaysia. I was born on July 4th, 1986. Graduated from local university in Malaysia taken Computing Business IT. In 2006 I started learning the basic languages to build a simple website (mainly HTML and CSS) on my own. That began as a joke, but became my job some years later.

Currently I am working as Linux Sysadmin, Web and Mobile Application developer at Osem Network Enterprise. I used Ubuntu as my first Linux distro since 2008 and become addict to this Ubuntu. Now I am again on Ubuntu and love Unity: it's beautiful and intuitive!

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I donate some amount to Ubuntu Malaysia Loco Team || || to make them archived on our latest project related to Ubuntu. I am also like to join Ubuntu Translation behalf of my country.

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As I'm ex-student and currently working on Computer Science, I'm interested in contributing to Ubuntu as a Developer. That's my plan for the future and I'd like to start soon.


ok. dia ni layak jadi ubuntu members. teruskan. - faizul

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