Dealing with a deluge of email EVERY day

  • Only possible through effective filtering

Filtering techniques

Filtering Filtered Emails

Even if you have filtered LKML or ubuntu-bugs to a separate folder, there is still too much email in those folders to be able to keep track of. This is where the importance of a good, configurable email client is highlighted.

In mutt, you can color each email in the index (the threaded view) based on certain properties of the email e.g. date, contents of CC/Subject/Body, etc. My colleague, Bryce describes some techniques for color-coding his email here[1]. Pay attention to how one can keep a detailed view of a bug life-cycle based on his rules.

My needs are much simpler - I am only interested in ARM bugs currently. Hence a single rule in my .muttrc satisfies me:

color index brightblue black '~(~b "Tags added: arm")'


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