I, Amit Kucheria, apply for core-dev.


Amit Kucheria

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Who I am

I currently live in Finland and am employed by Canonical as a Kernel Engineer. I primarily concentrate on the mobile side taking care of the LPIA kernel and now ARM. Before this, I worked at Nokia leading the team working on Power Management on OMAP processors used in the Internet Tablets (770, N800, N810)

My Ubuntu story

I started with Linux in 1996 using Slackware (3.0?) and the first kernel I compiled was version 1.2.13. Having used most other major distros extensively (>1 year) since then, I settled on Ubuntu Gutsy. I've used Ubuntu since then. After Nokia, I got a chance to work on the guts of Ubuntu and I grabbed it.

My involvement

  • Member of Canonical Kernel Team since Jun'07
  • Responsible for LPIA architecture kernel shipped on the mobile images
  • Misc. activity related to kernel and mobile efforts

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • LPIA kernel in Hardy and Intrepid
  • Interacting with Intel on integrating platform bits (kernel, drivers) for Atom support
  • Normal kernel development, integration, bug fixing
  • ARM-kernel support for various boards (ongoing)

Things I could do better

  • More work on the generic kernel bugs

Plans for the future


  • Getting Ubuntu running on ARM
  • Improving out-of-the-box experience on several new mobile/netbook devices
  • Power management improvements in Ubuntu

What I like least in Ubuntu

Please describe what you like least in Ubuntu and what thoughts do you have about fixing it.


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