About Me

My name is Andi Darmawan. Currently I'm living in Jakarta Indonesia. Right now I'm one of the moderator for Ubuntu Indonesian Mailing List, Ubuntu Indonesian Mailing List @ Google Groups.


  1. Spreading the Ubuntu spirit.
  2. Translating Ubuntu and the apps. into Indonesian in rosseta, check my profile in here.

  3. Sometimes I help people in #ubuntu, #ubuntu-id and #edubuntu-id
  4. Manage Ubuntu-ID LoCo

  5. Get in touch with local vendor, promoting Ubuntu

To Do

  1. More translation.
  2. Prepare for 8.04 release party (national event).

Indonesian LoCo Team Achievement

  1. Repositories mirror in Indonesia. Full list of Indonesian local mirrors.

  2. Ubuntu repositories in DVDs. DVD Repositories (created by Fajran Iman Rusadi)


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