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Hi, all. My name is Andre Ardiantoro Muliana, I use nick a2xm on the net. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. My history encounter with Linux was started around September 2004. I try installing borrowed CDs of Mandrake from my friend. Use it for 1 week and I decided to buy SuSE 9.1 Prof. So, I use SuSE for afew months then. It was not easy to learn Linux in a short time.

One day I read a blog mentioning about Ubuntu. I checked it on DistroWatch and it rank #1. Without wasting more time I order it right away. My free CDs of Ubuntu 5.04 (The Hoary Hedgehog) arrived around September/October 2005, but I just installed & started using it on November 27, 2005. I've reinstall it again to Breezy Badger on December 7, 2005. Since then I love Ubuntu so much. Wink ;-)


  1. Spread my world with the spirit of Ubuntu, the spirit of humanity.
  2. Active in Ubuntu Indonesian Translators,

  3. Creator of IDubuntu Frappr map → A map of Ubuntu users in Indonesia (Using Google Maps).

To Do

  1. I'm going to help people in IRC channels; #ubuntu-id and #ubuntu channels.
  2. In the near future, I'm gonna open a small IT consultant focusing on Ubuntu Linux & Open Source products usage in Indonesia.

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