Who am I?

My name is Andre Noel, born and living in Brazil. Graduated from Maringa State University with a BS in Computer Science in 2005. Married since 2005.

Web developer since 2002, working with PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL, Web Standards, Tableless, Ajax, et al.

Been involved with Open Source since 2002, and more especifically with the Brazilian community since May 2006, thanks to incentive from OgMaciel. Started as a translator for the Brazilian Team and recently being appointed as one of the administrators of the team.

Web Presence




I got involved with the Ubuntu Community right before the Dapper Release, as I started to contribute with the Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators team.

On June 2nd we (together with three other friends) did the Maringa's Dapper Release Party, installing about 5 PC's, dristibuting 15 CDs and speaking to more than 50 people.

On July 6th I was accepted to the Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators team based on my translation efforts, becoming one of the administrators for the group shortly after.

On August 17th, for my suprise, I discovered that I was on the Top Contributors of Ubuntu on the Translations Area.

Working on


What next?

  • Completely finish the translation effort to pt_BR by the end of 2006!
  • Involve more people in the translation process
  • Involve more people in the review translation process
  • Get more involved with the Rosetta team, so as to provide important feedback and help Rosetta become more userfriendly, specially for people performing administrative tasks within their groups!
  • Involve the people of my University/City in the Ubuntu Community (User Group)
  • Fix the Bug #1 Big Grin :)


  • AndrĂ© is a active member of Ubuntu's Brazilian Community, with you help, the Portuguese Brazilian translations is between the Top5 in the Rosetta. Also, he is working very hard in Brazilian's Wiki, translating some how-tos, FAQ's and Ubuntu Community related pages. In the mailing lists he haves an active presence, where help many users and new translators. -- CypherBios

"Andre has had a meteorical path so far with the brazilian team, going from volunteer to official member and now administrator in a few months! He has stepped up to the gruesome task of administrating our 36 members and more than 100+ volunteers, as well as keeping track of all packages being translated and updating some statistical information we use to measure our progress towards 100% translation. Andre is the third (together with Fabio Nogueira and I) piece to the brazilian triad who currently maintains and organizes every single aspect of the translation process. He seems to share my goal to bring the same organization to other localization groups, and I particularly believe in the potential he has to offer to the rest of the community! He has my 100% support in his candidacy to the Ubuntu Team!" OgMaciel

"André Noel is an active member of Ubuntu's Brazilian Community that I had the pleasure to know. It is marcante presence in the community, mainly in the Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team and Brazilian Documentation Team. I confirm everything what it was cited above." -- AlexRocha

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